5 Lessons from 10 Years
#2 Work With the System, Not Against It

As we look back over the past decade, we have learned many lessons, although several come up with enough regularity that they seem worth sharing ER

The National Park Service gives us a set of 10 standards to guide rehabilitation. They discuss work in very general ways: do no harm, save as much as you can, make compatible changes. In addition to the guidelines, there is a well-established track record of how certain rehab work will be reviewed.  We are veterans of this rodeo and understand these parameters. Change is a necessary component of rehabilitation, but when you work with the guidelines rather than against them the process will be much smoother.


If you remember how loud corridors were during changing periods, you understand why deadening sound was an important part of the Independence Middle School rehab.  Rosin Preservation worked closely with the design team to find an appropriate solution that used ceiling clouds and acoustical wall panels to cover ductwork and quiet the hard historic surfaces without compromising historic character.

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