5 Lessons from 10 Years
#1 We Are Simply Stewards

As we look back over the past decade, we have learned many lessons, although several come up with enough regularity that they seem worth sharing ER

Every building carries the story of its past and present into its future narrative. If we as a community do our jobs right, a building here long before we arrived will remain vibrant long after we are gone. Our duty is to see it through the period of our stewardship by making sure it is physically sound and has a viable purpose. The most successful rehabs take the mission of stewardship to heart. They listen to the building. They correct “mistakes” that were made in the past. They don’t “fix” what isn’t broken. They embrace the essence of its history and adapt it as needed to carry on for future generations to enjoy and appreciate.


The lobby of the Bellerive Apartments is a superb juxtaposition of old and new. No historic fabric was sacrificed to give this space its distinctly 21st century feel.

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