Westport Historic Resources Survey

The 2017 Westport Historic Resources Survey was a once-in-a-generation opportunity to document the extant resources in this most-historic Kansas City neighborhood. The area has a storied past, with roots dating back to the 1830s when Westport was a jumping off point for the Westward Trails (Santa Fe, Oregon, California and Mormon). The independent city was annexed into Kansas City in 1897, quickly transforming from a rural community into a bustling streetcar suburb. Early in the 20th century it gained an industrial sector, and in the 1970s it became a popular entertainment district. Recent proposals for new development could transform the scale and density of Westport and potentially jeopardize the historic charm.

Rosin Preservation was charged with developing a point-in-time analysis of the existing buildings, comparing their current appearance to the resources previously inventoried in 1975 and 1987, noting changes, demolitions and additions. Analysis of dates of construction and architectural integrity data led Rosin Preservation to identify fifteen individual resources and five historic districts that may be eligible for historic designation, as well as two areas that warrant additional study. This information will give community groups and city planners food for thought when weighing the future of Westport.


View the full survey report HERE.


Westport Kansas City, MO