New Deal-era Resources in Nebraska

Rosin Preservation contracted with the Nebraska State Historic Preservation Office to prepare a National Register of Historic Places Multiple Property Documentation Form (MPDF) for New Deal-era Resources by documenting select resources statewide, conducting archival research and developing a historic context detailing the history of New Deal programs between roughly 1933 and 1943. The MPDF also includes descriptions, statements of significance, and registration requirements for associated property types, which will streamline the process for future nominations of Nebraska resources that are related to this context.

Preparing the MPDF for New Deal-era Resources in Nebraska provided Rosin Preservation with an understanding of the historic contexts and significant property types associated with the national New Deal-era programs and their impact on the built environment. Rosin Preservation can apply this knowledge to similar resources in states across the country. The property types identified within the MPDF include a wide variety of historic resources. This included fairgrounds, parks, monuments, and structures, such as band shells, visitors centers, cabins, pools, bath houses, bridges, and tunnels.


State of Nebraska