Hawthorne Apartments

The 12-unit three story apartment building at 3507 Gillham Road was constructed in 1916. It is a unique example of a multi-family residence in National Register-listed Hyde Park Historic District. The other apartment buildings in the district line Armour Boulevard, the northern border of the district, and were constructed later in the 1920s. Single family homes comprise the majority of building types in the district. Hawthorne Apartments is distinguished by colonnaded three-story porches that span the front of the building. Terra cotta trimming the brick walls and clay tile roofing further define the building’s character. On the interior, two-bedroom units provide ample living space. Some units have fireplaces.

When Terra Management purchased the property in 2017 the building only one apartment was occupied by a tenant. The other units were in various states of disrepair. Some were seemingly in the midst of planned rehabs with walls, ceiling, bathrooms, and kitchens partially demolished. Other units were somewhat intact but had suffered water infiltration and other deterioration.

Rosin Preservation worked with the owner and SWD Architects to create a rehabilitation plan that used a light touch to update the units to provide highly desirable rental units.


Kansas City, MO


Historic Tax Credit