Gotham, Aurora, & Agee Apartments

In 2017, IDP MO, LLC, comprised of Integrity Development Partners, Four Corners Development, and Partnership Housing Affordable to Society Everywhere, Inc. set out to purchase and renovate all six buildings in the Gotham Apartments portfolio, using state and federal historic tax credits and Low Income Housing tax credits. Rosin Preservation was brought on board to facilitate the historic tax credit application process.

Over the next two years, the development team, along with Baron Design & Associates and Hamilton Builders, invested roughly $12.8 million and systematically rehabilitated each building by updating finishes and fixtures, while retaining remaining historic fabric. Multilight wood doors that accessed the porches were restored where they were extant and new doors that matched the historic doors were installed. Historic marble panels in the vestibules and wood window trim in the units were preserved in the Agee Apartment Buildings, the only buildings that retained such materials. Inappropriate replacement windows installed in the 1980s or 1990s were replaced with historically appropriate replacement windows that also improved the energy efficiency of the buildings. The rehabilitation of these buildings had a substantial impact on streetscape of this stretch of Linwood Boulevard and proved a significant investment in an area that has been long neglected.

This project was recognized by Historic Kansas City‚Äč in 2020 for its positive impact on neighborhood stabilization.


2718, 3012-14, 3200-3218 E. Linwood Blvd Kansas City, MO