East Patrol Police Station
and Crime Lab Section 106

Rosin Preservation secured Section 106 compliance for the City of Kansas City in conjunction with the development of the new Leon M. Jordan Campus for the Kansas City Police Department.  In addition to documenting the resources within the project’s Area of Potential Effect, Rosin Preservation developed a Memorandum of Agreement to mitigate adverse effects of the project and completed a series of mitigation tasks, described below.

Neighborhood Resource Survey

Rosin Preservation surveyed over 200 residential, commercial, and institutional properties within areas that would be directly and indirectly impacted by the project.  The survey report identified National Register eligible resources and defined historic contexts for the survey area.  These addressed the development of the project area, Kansas City’s Civil Rights Movement, and the Jazz Era in Kansas City.


Two apartment buildings identified as National Register eligible lay within the area of direct project effects. As mitigation for the demolition of these properties, Rosin Preservation documented each building following Historic American Building Survey (HABS) guidelines, producing archival-quality photo documentation, measured floor plans, and a narrative report explaining the history and significance of each building.

Leon Jordan Dedication Wall Exhibit Content

Mitigation also included the development of an interpretive exhibit for the community room in the new East Patrol Station that presented the history of African Americans in the Kansas City Police Department. Rosin Preservation drew from archival research and oral interviews to prepare the narrative and graphic content for the Leon Mercer Jordan Dedication Wall, and coordinated efforts with the exhibit designer who fabricated the display.


E 27th St & Olive Street Kansas City, MO