Henry Duke Residence

$1 million rehabilitation of a 1910 residence for continued reuse as apartments. Initial apartment conversion occurred in 1944.

Grand Avenue Garage

National Register nomination and Rehabilitation of an early (1921) downtown parking garage. Adapative reuse will convert the building into apartments and retail/commercial space.

Fox Hotel

National Register nomination and rehabilitation of a 1923 hotel in downtown Skiatook.

First National Bank

National Register nomination and rehabiltation of the first bank in Skiatook, a 1911 two-part commercial block building.

Bellerive Apartments

$22 million rehabilitation of a 1921 luxury apartment hotel for reuse as market-rate apartments.

Bancroft School Apartments

A dynamic partnership including local developers, housing agencies, and the Make It Right Foundation rehabilitated the long-vacant Bancroft Elementary School, constructed between 1909-1922, in Kansas City’s Manheim Park neighborhood. This adaptive reuse project aimed to