Reservoir Hill Survey

Survey of 17 residential resources in the Oak Cliff Addition of Tulsa, Oklahoma, to identify potential National Register historic district boundaries.

East Patrol Police Station
and Crime Lab Section 106

Rosin Preservation secured Section 106 compliance for the City of Kansas City in conjunction with the development of the new Leon M. Jordan Campus for the Kansas City Police Department.  In addition to documenting the

Belmont Hotel

Determination of Eligibility for the 1912 apartment hotel.

Telephone Building (Oak Tower)

Determination of Eligibility for the Telephone Building (Oak Tower) in downtown Kansas City, the first known building to utilize Haydite, a lightweight structural concrete.

Parke-Davis & Co Building

Determination of National Register eligibility for the former Kansas City offices of pharmaceutical giant Parke-Davis & Co.

Mission Hills Country Club

Determination of Eligibility for 1914 country club. Among the 20 resources in the proposed historic district are an 18-hole golf course and the Modern Movement clubhouse.

College Hill Historic Resources Survey

The City of Topeka contracted with Rosin Preservation, LLC to conduct an intensive-level survey of historic resources within the College Hill Neighborhood in two phases. Rosin Preservation identified, recorded, photographed, and evaluated over 500 individual