Intensive-Level Historic Resources Survey of Frederick Avenue

Rosin Preservation completed an Intensive-Level Historic Resources Survey of 134 properties lining Frederick Avenue between North 10th Street and Fairleigh Street in St. Joseph, Missouri. Rosin Preservation worked extensively with the City to preserve the

Newton Building

The Newton Building is a 1908 commercial building in downtown San Angelo. Local architect Oscar Ruffini designed the building for businessman W.E. Newton to house a furniture company and the Massie Furniture Company occupied the

Wrigley Lodge

Rosin Preservation developed a determination of eligibility document for the Wrigley Lodge, a Salvation Army building in Chicago, Illinois. Rosin Preservation documented the building and developed a physical description detailing the 1891 historic building and

Westport Historic Resources Survey

The 2017 Westport Historic Resources Survey was a once-in-a-generation opportunity to document the extant resources in this most-historic Kansas City neighborhood. The area has a storied past, with roots dating back to the 1830s when

Crown Center Survey

Intensive-level survey of the Crown Center Redevelopment Area in Kansas City, Missouri documented over thirty resources associated with the largest privately-financed redevelopment project in Kansas City initiated through state urban redevelopment law. Most of the