Streetcar-Era Commercial Development

Omaha’s commercial development and transportation infrastructure are closely tied. When the streetcar system was introduced in 1868, it revolutionized travel within the city limits and beyond. Over the system’s eighty-seven-year history, technological advancements, fierce competition,

University of Kansas Dyche Hall
Historic Structures Report

History Dyche Hall is an educational building on the University of Kansas, Lawrence Campus. In 1974, the building was listed in the National Register of Historic Places recognizing its architectural and educational significance. The building illustrates

Independence Historic Conditions Assessments

Rosin Preservation prepared conditions assessments and maintenance plans for four historic City-owned properties – the Bingham Waggoner Estate (main house and six outbuildings), the Vaile Mansion, the Waggoner-Gates Milling Company Office (part of the National

Olathe Historic Preservation Plan

Comprehensive historic preservation plan for the City of Olathe includes a history of the community, an assessment of strengths and weaknesses in the current preservation framework, and goals and strategies for the future of preservation

Jackson County Courthouse Preservation Plan

Preservation plan for the Jackson County Courthouse identified zones suitable for restoration, rehabilitation, or renovation and laid out preservation strategies and treatment recommendations specific to each zone and historic material.

Kansas City Missouri School Repurposing

Reuse Assessment of 30 vacant schools to support repurposing of the sites. Assessments examined building condition, historical significance and integrity, market studies, and community feedback. The City of Kansas City and the Kansas City Public Schools

Garrison Community Center

Section 106 consultation to fulfill historic preservation compliance for the renovation and expansion of the Garrison Community Center.

Kansas City Museum

In conjunction with restoration of the 1913 Beaux-Arts mansion, Corinthian Hall, the Kansas City Museum hired Rosin Preservation to prepare two “Exhibit-in-Print” interpretive documents. The first describes the restoration of the bay window in the