Inside photo of Higinbotham Store

Higinbotham Store

Constructed prior to 1885, the original Higinbotham Gran and Feed Store was added to the National Register in 2017 and is now occupied by a clothing store.

Exterior photo of the Westin from above

Crown Center Hotel

Constructed towards the end of the Brutalist style's influence in American architecture, the Westin at Crown Center embodies the core traits of Brutalism in a dramatic design that incorporates the site's natural topography to create

Lee's Summit Post Office Exterior

Lee’s Summit Post Office
Bridge Space

The rehabilitation of the Lee’s Summit Post Office into Bridge Space, a coworking space, is a great example of a creative adaptive re-use of a common building type that exists in most communities. The post

New Deal-era Resources in Nebraska

Rosin Preservation contracted with the Nebraska State Historic Preservation Office to prepare a National Register of Historic Places Multiple Property Documentation Form (MPDF) for New Deal-era Resources by documenting select resources statewide, conducting archival research

Interstate Bakeries
Interstate Flats

The Interstate Flats in Midtown Kansas City is an exceptional adaptive reuse of the historic headquarters of the Interstate Bakeries Corporation, makers of internationally recognized brands such as Hostess and Wonder Bread. The two-story brick

Assumption School

Assumption School was designed in 1954 by renowned public school architects Williamson, Loebsac, & Associates. It illustrates a Modern Era elementary school form applied to a Catholic school building in downtown Topeka, KS. This building