Wheatley Provident Hospital

Wheatley-Provident Hospital played an important role in the history of healthcare in Kansas City. It was the first and only private hospital in the city dedicated to treating Black patients. It was also the only

First United Methodist Church

The First United Methodist Church in Bartlesville, OK is a complex that was constructed in four stages between 1927 and 1987. A Modern Movement A-frame sanctuary designed by architect Truett Coston, completed in 1954, serves

Tulsa Boys Home

National Register nomination and historic tax credit applications for a 1950s-era complex built to house orphan boys.

906 Waterman Street

National Register nomination and historic tax credit applications for an industrial building near downtown Wichita, Kansas.

Downtown Neligh Historic District

National Register nomination of the Downtown Neligh Historic District. The district includes 55 resources constructed between 1887 and 1964 that represent commercial development in Neligh.

Great Plains Life Insurance
Company Building
Metro Tower

The Great Plains Life Insurance Company Building is a 20-story high rise office building in downtown Lubbock, Texas. It is an excellent example of a mid-twentieth century International Style high-rise office building. Noted West Texas

Thomas Building

Determination of Eligibility for the Thomas Building. Designed by noted Texas architect David S. Castle, the Thomas Building was one of Midland's first mid-rise building when it was completed in 1927.

Tulsa Club
Tulsa Club Hotel

The Art Deco Tulsa Club was constructed in 1927. It was designed by innovative architect Bruce Goff, early in his career during his tenure with Rush Endicott Rush, to house the Tulsa Chamber of Commerce