University of Kansas Dyche Hall
Historic Structures Report

History Dyche Hall is an educational building on the University of Kansas, Lawrence Campus. In 1974, the building was listed in the National Register of Historic Places recognizing its architectural and educational significance. The building illustrates

Intensive-Level Historic Resources Survey of Frederick Avenue

Rosin Preservation completed an Intensive-Level Historic Resources Survey of 134 properties lining Frederick Avenue between North 10th Street and Fairleigh Street in St. Joseph, Missouri. Rosin Preservation worked extensively with the City to preserve the

Asbury Park African-American Music Project

The former Turf Club in Asbury, Park, New Jersey provides a unique physical connection to an important cultural context – the social and entertainment heritage of the local African American community. Its significance is enhanced by the

Weston Tobacco Barn

Comprehensive conditions assessment for the 1931 historic tobacco barn in Weston Bend State Park.