Lauren Cano

Business Development

Lauren’s professional path has followed interests in urban design, land planning, and real estate development. She is inspired by communities that implement sustainable solutions to enhance their built environment and create opportunities for economic development by making use of existing buildings and cultural resources. With her background in city planning and professional experience as a landscape architect, Lauren’s enthusiasm for successful development, strong communities, and quality urban spaces gives her a unique understanding of real estate and redevelopment projects. She is inspired by creative design responses that promote a distinctive sense of place and sustainable development patterns.

Favorite historic building

Cities and small towns across the nation are filled with a stunning stock of historical architecture. Some of the most successful development patterns can be found by rediscovering those buildings, the spaces they create, and the cities they form. Many buildings that have been given a new life through preservation or adaptive re-use are at the heart of our communities. These are my favorite historic places.

I am a preservationist because…

I am inspired by how historic places represent not only stories of the past, but also how they create opportunities for better future development. Through innovative design, new technology, and thoughtful historic preservation, we can solve complex development challenges.