Emily Lenhausen

Historic Preservation Specialist


Emily’s interest in history began early in life. As a child she listened to her grandparents describe the many historic places they had visited and everything that they had seen. They sent her copies of magazines and newspaper clippings (and still do) that featured gripping stories of past events and places. She grew up surrounded by history lovers who instilled that same love of the past in her.

As an Undergraduate at Kansas State University, Emily channeled that love into an anthropology degree with a concentration in archaeology. After a few years working as an archaeologist she gradually shifted focus to another form of artifact: the historic building. This interest sparked her to pursue her Masters in Historic Preservation at Boston Architectural College. She joined Rosin Preservation in 2018.

Favorite historic building

While I don’t have a specific favorite building, I do have a favorite building type – Arts and Crafts dwellings. I have long been attracted to the unique character created by the detailed elements and the warmth of the materials. Combined, these elements create a feeling of home, even when I am only a visitor.

I am a preservationist because…

through historic preservation we can create resilient communities that connect us to our past as well as our future.