Mason Martel, Historic Preservation Specialist

Mason Martel

Historic Preservation Specialist

Mason’s interest in history began at a young age while visiting historic sites on family vacations. That interest eventually led to the historic preservation program at Southeast Missouri State University, where he earned a Master of Arts in Public History with an emphasis in historic preservation. As part of that program, Mason spent a summer in Rochester, New York conducting surveys of historic buildings across the city. After that, the preservation bug really took hold.

Favorite historic building

I have too many favorites to list. My favorite building type is the ubiquitous two-part commercial block form. I like it because it is such a distinct form that can be found in virtually every city and town across the country. It is always interesting to see the unique details of each building, and the wide variety of ways they are used.

I am a preservationist because…

I believe that the built environment connects us to our past in so many tangible ways. Buildings are a physical record of the growth and development of towns and communities. Preserving those buildings allows those stories to continue to be told for many years to come.