Historic Tax Credit Consulting

Historic tax credits are one of the most effective tools for redeveloping historic properties. The federal government and many state governments offer this financial incentive to property owners who rehabilitate historic buildings in exchange for

National Register Nominations

The National Register of Historic Places (NR) is the nation’s honor roll for historic buildings, structures, objects and sites. It includes individual landmarks and groups of resources designated as historic districts. Rosin Preservation has listed

Historic Resource Surveys and Eligibility Assessments

Rosin Preservation has inventoried and evaluated the historic eligibility of thousands of resources on projects ranging in size from a single building to hundreds of buildings. Some surveys have looked at geographical clusters of resources

Planning and Interpretation

Rosin Preservation participates in a variety of activities that fall under the broad umbrella of planning. Many communities identify historic buildings to help prioritize short-term and long-term efforts and to focus public dollars on strengthening

Historic Building Documentation

In some instances it is not possible to save a historic resource. When possible, before it is demolished, relocated, or otherwise impacted, Rosin Preservation will document the building to ensure that key information about its