A collaboration between Rosin Preservation, Accidentally Wes Anderson, and 30 explorer-photographers.

July – October 2022

You can view the full gallery online or stop by for an in-person viewing. We’ll have our doors open on these dates:
September 9: 12-7
September 10: 12-4
October 7: 12-7
October 15: 12-4

Our address: 1712 Holmes Street, Kansas City, MO. Please contact us if you would like a viewing outside of these dates:

2021 marked the 15th year of Rosin Preservation. When Covid quashed our plans for a celebration, we started brainstorming an even bigger way to mark our Sweet 16. How could we use our anniversary to share our love of buildings and places with a broader audience? 

As longtime fans of movie director Wes Anderson, we were delighted to stumble upon the Accidentally Wes Anderson (AWA) Instagram feed. AWA features real places that capture both the aesthetic and the spirit that Anderson creates in his films. Beautiful, quirky, colorful, and unique are adjectives that describe these images. 

An exhibit of photos in the style of Accidentally Wes Anderson at the Philbrook Museum in Tulsa sparked the idea for a company road trip. Off we went – and found our anniversary inspiration.

AWA is filled with beautiful photos from around the world, but the Central United States is sorely underrepresented. THANK YOU FOR EXPLORING x HEARTLAND is our homage to this part of the country. 

We were thrilled when AWA founders, Wally & Amanda Koval, agreed to collaborate on an exhibition. We invited other adventure seekers to join us by sharing their photos of the many charming historic places found within one long day’s drive from Kansas City. This is an area that stretches from the Rocky Mountains to the desert Southwest to the Corn Belt to the Upper Midwest.  Some people call this flyover country. We call it the Heartland. 

We are delighted with the variety, beauty, and depth of community showcased in these images. Some are from the Rosin team. Others were submitted by new adventuring friends. We hope this exhibition helps you to appreciate the HEARTLAND through fresh eyes.

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Elizabeth and the Rosin Preservation Team